UK Health and Beauty Manufacturer Gains lead as Category Captain with key customers

Client Description

1) UK Health and Beauty Manufacturer


1) Major growth challenges existed across a number of Health and Beauty categories
2) Proliferation of SKUs and a reversion to ‘Single/Double Win’ thinking
3) Client struggling to communicate with customers and to describe UK market needs back to European Strategy & Innovation Centres


1) TPG led a ‘shopping experience excellence’ foundation project with Sara Lee resulting in a completely new execution of the Refrigerated Meat section

TPG Approach

1) TPG facilitated the development of 5 separate category plans, and 2 ‘Super Category (Portfolio) plans, working on and off-line to build the skills, capabilities and confidence levels of a team of 50+


1) Transformed skills, capabilities and confidence levels within commercial teams leading to significant breakthroughs with major Customers including immediate appointment to Category Captain status with Asda.
2) Step change in working relationship with European Strategy & Innovation Centres – clear fact based discussion leading to reduced number of better focused market initiatives
3) Tailored NPD approaches now coming to market

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