Case Study : Creating the Innovation Pipeline

Client Description

European Category Leading CPG firm covering 35 countries.


The innovation pipeline of this client was insufficient in enabling corporate growth goals. Ineffective management of the balance between unique country needs and corporate synergies drove high complexity and costs. Country commitments and delivery on new launches consistently fell below hurdle rates. Minimal consumer insights were available to identify white space opportunities and innovations were single generational, causing significant start-up on each new project.


To enable significant expansion in the breadth and quality of the innovation pipeline, enabling multi-phased innovations with broad appeal and stronger results.

TPG Approach

TPG led the client in designing an end to end innovation process targeted on identifying differentiating consumer opportunities that lead to expandable platforms. Our work also focused on improving launch success through enhanced target setting and earlier commitments from country teams. Our outputs included:
1) Innovation Strategic Planning
2) Platform Development
3) Concept Expansion & Development
4) Pipeline Management
5) Commercialization
6) Post Launch Review


1) Longer term insight / research planning and upgraded white space identification and concept testing capabilities.
2) New organization focused on identifying and building big ideas and multi-phased platforms.
3) Innovation strategic planning with sufficiency checks.
4) Better alignment with global business units for rapid search and reapply.

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