Webinar: “Analytic-Driven Category Management in Today’s Hyper Competitive Grocery Market”

Category Management is now an essential business process and a top priority for almost every retail channel and consumer products category. Its impact on the consumer, the shopper, the industry’s methods of business planning and manufacturer-retailer collaboration is unparalleled. As a critical practice within the industry, category management has evolved through the combination of accumulated learning, changing industry conditions and new opportunities. Today, the best practices of category management are delivering profound results and, ultimately “Category Leadership” for manufacturers and retailers alike.

Over the past 20 years, TPG has led over three thousand category management engagements spanning 400+ service and product categories throughout the globe. TPG has authored 25 publications and industry reports on best practices and is considered the pioneer for mobilizing category management globally.

The Partnering Group will be participating in a Supermarket News webinar focusing on the important topic of “Analytic-Driven Category Management in Today’s Hyper Competitive Grocery Market”

Consumer eating and buying behaviors continue to evolve. Competitive retail channels continue to blur. Consumers today have more options on where to buy products and more power in the shopping process than ever before. Smart retailers are responding by doubling down on their category management expertise.

Analytics have proven invaluable in helping category managers elevate their game, through deeper integration of customer insights and predictive analytics in planning. Equally important is retailers’ diligence in comparing their plans with actual results on a daily basis, and using analytics in real time to measure variance to plan.

This webinar will discuss current retails trends and how analytics can help merchants improve their category management process to make smarter plans, increase executional efficiency and deliver better outcomes.

Joining John Clutts of TPG in this webinar will be Jim Smits, former SVP/GMM of Consumables, Dollar General, and Jim Kelly, CEO of Market6.

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