Kitty McIntire

TPG Role:

Kitty McIntire is a TPG Associate who works directly with TPG Partners in project management, training development and   training coordination.

Partner Capabilities and Experience:

Kitty provides a professional interface with clients, communicating their needs to TPG partners as she supports the development and publishing of customized training materials, including development and delivery of CPG Training, Retail Training, Category Management Training and Leadership Training, for both classroom and e-Learning experiences.  She works directly with TPG clients in planning and coordinating the logistics of training engagements.  Kitty also manages TPG’s Open Seminar offerings which focus on competency-based, proficiency-leveled curriculum, directing the marketing and registrations for those sessions.

She works directly with TPG partners in various TPG consulting initiatives such as Organizational Design , providing support with research and materials development .  Previously she was TPG’s Client Services Director as well as personal assistant to TPG’s CEO.

Partner Industry Experience:

Prior to TPG, Kitty had over 20 years experience in the hardware industry as owner and manager of a retail hardware-home center operation. Some of her former suppliers are now TPG clients.

Partner Education:

Ohio University majoring in Language Arts and Miami University (of Ohio) with a focus in Accounting


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