David Weisman

David Weisman
Partner | North America

David is a leader in TPG’s Retail and Manufacturing Practices.  While located in North America, David advises Retailer and Manufacturer clients globally.

Since joining TPG in 2014, David has worked with numerous clients on strategy development, category leadership, revenue management, joint value creation, private brand development, insights and analytics, digital commerce, customer development, organizational transformation, training, and talent development.

His expertise lies in understanding the unique needs of each client, the objectives they are trying to achieve, and his ability to recommend practical solutions. David excels at being able to interpret data and insights while being able to apply them strategically. He has a keen ability to substantially reduce costs, streamline processes, and drive complex projects to successful completion.  He is highly adaptable with sharp problem-solving skills.


  • Strategy
  • Insights and Analytics
  • Category Leadership
  • Digital Commerce
  • Revenue Management

Prior Experience:
Prior to joining TPG, David held leadership positions at Walgreens.


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