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Welcome to TPG in the News, the industry journal of The Partnering Group, Inc.. The Partnering Group is dedicated to providing research, insights and best practices to the retail and consumer products industry. Review our blog entries listed below to hear about our upcoming or completed speeches, reports, publications and articles. Our purpose is to provide new perspectives on new initiatives for profitable growth in our industry. Our articles are authored by TPG Partners and provide actionable information based on TPG's in-field experience with global retailer and manufacturer leaders. Please find our latest entries listed below.

Use Analytics to Help Solve the Everyday Price Dilemma

By: John Wildman, Don Baker and Andy Buteux DEVIATION from Everyday Price is the single biggest business change we have experienced on the trade side of the consumer products secto ..

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Compliance – The Elusive Key to Price and Promotion Performance

By: Don Baker, Andy Buteux and John Wildman WHAT DO WE MEAN when we pursue Compliance or Consensus relative to Trade Investment Management? We cannot teach anything more crucial th ..

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Importance of Process, Policy, Data Management and Systems

By: John Wildman, Don Baker and Andy Buteux FAR TOO OFTEN, companies fail at managing trade investments because of a lack of discipline in review, reporting and compliance. This is ..

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Creating Sustainable Relationships for Growth

TPG is excited to announce that Rob Brindley has joined the firm. He has excellent Global experience of leading retail and consumer packaged goods companies in their efforts to bec ..

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Why Closed-Loop Planning is Not a System Term

By: Andy Buteux, John Wildman and Don Baker EXECUTION of the Trade Investment Roadmap and the Company’s brand and customer imperatives is delivered via the closed-loop planning p ..

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The Future of Category Leadership

TPG is excited to announce the addition of consumer goods strategist Russ Onish to the firm. Russ has functional leadership experience from Campbell Soup, Nestle USA, and IRI. He h ..

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OGSI: Your Three-Year Trade Investment Roadmap

By: Andy Buteux, John Wildman and Don Baker TRADE MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE demands disciplined, effective investment. Now that we have introduced Strategic Plan elements in the previo ..

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Effective Trade Investment: Critical Elements for Your Strategic Plan

By: Don Baker, Andy Buteux and John Wildman DOES YOUR ORGANIZATION have an effective trade investment strategy? Given Trade’s sizeable impact on the P&L, most would answer, ..

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Joint Business Planning Best Practice

Today’s business environment between Suppliers and Retailers has never been more challenging. To help in developing stronger partnerships, as many of you know, TPG created the In ..

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Job Posting: Client Services & Graphic Design Manager

Job Details Company: The Partnering Group Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Field: Graphic/Digital Design Job Functions: Graphic design to include corporate presentations, marketing mater ..

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