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Welcome to TPG in the News, the industry journal of The Partnering Group, Inc.. The Partnering Group is dedicated to providing research, insights and best practices to the retail and consumer products industry. Review our blog entries listed below to hear about our upcoming or completed speeches, reports, publications and articles. Our purpose is to provide new perspectives on new initiatives for profitable growth in our industry. Our articles are authored by TPG Partners and provide actionable information based on TPG's in-field experience with global retailer and manufacturer leaders. Please find our latest entries listed below.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Designing the right Go-To-Market strategy for the company, business unit, channel or sales organization should lead to a step change revenue, profit and share growth. It also empow ..

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Quality Consulting that Works

TPG prides itself on providing quality consulting that works. John West are a UK based client and are the market leader in the everyday fish category. TPG has been working with the ..

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Omni-channel Customer Engagement Strategy

How is your company building Digital, Personalization and Ecommerce capabilities to meet the ever growing mobile and Omni-channel expectations of your consumers and shoppers? TPG P ..

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Choice vs. Duplication

The importance of Strategic Thinking when Building Optimal Ranges. I love to play Devils Advocate. It’s one of the joys of doing what I do, and one of my favourite examples of th ..

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TPG Forms Initiative with CMA to Develop Ecommerce Best Practices

Contact: Peter Leech Email: Phone: 917-225-4734 Date: November 6, 2017 Cincinnati, OH – The Category Management Association (CMA) has engaged The Partneri ..

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Promotion Optimization Institute

Don Baker is speaking with Chris Rice of Exceedra at this year’s Promotion Optimization Institute on November 2, 2017 in Dallas. Chris and Don will discuss “Solutions for Top C ..

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Merchandising Services

  As we continue to expand our services to meet our client’s needs, we want to announce we have increased our capabilities to include Merchandising Services. As marketing, m ..

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Competency Training is Key to Building Category Management Capability

Someone may have the CAPABILITY (potential) but not yet have the COMPETENCY (degree of skill) to excel at a specific function or task. Take for instance Michael Jordan. He had the ..

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Build Your Most Effective Organization

By: Andy Buteux, Don Baker, and John Wildman CLEARLY DEFINING work and the competencies for completing the work are paramount to success, in any discipline. When we reviewed “Pro ..

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Nail Down Your Promotion Analysis and Analytics

By: Andy Buteux, Don Baker, and John Wildman PROMOTIONAL ANALYTICS can be a particularly complicated subject. Because of its intricacy, we try to focus organizations on only two co ..

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