Joint Value Creation
Helping retailers & suppliers create value together

Joint Business Planning is mission critical for today’s consumer products retailers and suppliers. The consumer packaged goods and retailing industry is very competitive and companies are seeking advantage. Companies with a well-defined Joint Value Creation process are able to formulate win-win plans and execute more effectively and efficiently by focusing their resources to the areas of highest returns. TPG has written the Industry Best Practice for helping manufacturers and retailers “partner” to better meet the needs of their mutual consumers and shoppers. We continue to assist clients with these innovative collaborative techniques to transform the manufacturer-retailer relationship.

How We Help Clients

business world imageTPG helps companies foster deep partnership for sustainable success



TPG helped us change the dialogue with Customers, dramatically improving our Industry Advantage survey scores.

TPG Advantage

As experienced practitioners and consultants, we understand your Customer issues/opportunities and work with your teams to develop the right solutions for a winning plan. With world-class experience in 38 countries across the globe, we have proven best practices to:

  • Develop multi-functional, Joint Value solutions with your largest Customers across product innovation, store experience reinvention and digital marketing partnerships
  • Benchmark the organization’s capabilities to drive and sustain this strategic work with Customers
  • Train the organization on how to develop and activate this Joint Value Creation work


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