Case Study: Isolating The Right Marketing Message

Case Study: Isolating The Right Marketing Message


Client Description

Nationally known Academic Medical Center, Cancer Center


A nationally known and NCI designated cancer center within an Academic Medical Center (AMC), was struggling to maintain a presence in the increasingly competitive marketplace. Two national “chain” cancer treatment centers had opened within a 100 mile radius and one had the majority SOV in paid media.


Understand the primary differentiators for the AMC cancer center and translate them to behavior changing creative concepts for mass media

TPG Approach

  • Phase I:
    • Consumer Research: one-on-one interviews with current patients
    • Provider Research: focus-group interviews with specialty oncology providers at the AMC cancer center
  • Phase II:
    • Creative concept development and testing: “white card” statement testing of 5 concepts in focus group setting among 3 groups of current patients, 2 groups of family members and 2 groups of physicians


  • Of the 5 tested concepts, 1 emerged as the clear winner. Although a polarizing and strong message, it resonated among all groups. The final concept was executed as a TV spot, print, radio and strong social media campaign with an accompanying hashtag push
  • Visits to the AMC cancer center website increased by 210% in 3 months
  • Patient inquiries increased by 75% in 6 months