Digital Commerce Partnership with Retailers


Digital Commerce Partnership with Retailers

TPG helps sales leadership down to account managers partner with retailers to drive thought leadership, collaboration, and omni-channel planning and strategy in a tailored way to each retailer. In the brick and mortar world, there is an established JBP and selling process wired into the retailer’s ecosystem. With the addition of digital teams living in different places within the retailer’s organization, it is critical to be wired in, and drive acceleration across their new ecosystem of titles, positions, and work.


What We Do

TPG develops an internal and retailer-facing action plan to address retailer specific planning needs across their organization to drive collaboration, efficiency, and sales results.

  • Develop Omni-Channel JBP and Collaboration: As trips evolve and migrate online, it is critical plan collaboratively with retailers to accelerate total sales with eCommerce as a tool to growth the category. TPG will help structure the internal supplier JBP and CBP process to driving digital impotence throughout the process in order to lead retailers to co-invest time and resources ahead of the curve. This will result in capturing and growing sales as they
  • Matching Internal roles and capabilities with Retailer Internal Ecosystem: TPG helps suppliers identify the roles and responsibilities of the internal supplier teams, and match to what the internal retailer’s ecosystem roles and responsibilities are to ensure that the RACI across both retailer and supplier are agreed upon.
  • Driving Day to Day Digital Activities: Progress is driven by habit. TPG will help account managers and sales leaders to drive action and accountability through day to day process mapping and benchmarking for internal digital sales plan goals.