Case Study : Developing Breakthrough Promotion Events

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Client Description

Industry Leading Food Grilling Company


1) Promotion planning lacked differentiation and innovation
2) Little guidance provided to sales organization
3) Very deal driven and tons of IRC’s
4) No Channel differences
5) No Alliances


1) Manufacturer in search of new Promotion Effectiveness process and results
2) Focus on significantly growing brand sales while being more efficient and effective in spending

TPG Approach

1) TPG led a successful “Promotion Effectiveness” project
2) Development of new Promotion plan for the Brand ; Event (Blueprint) guidance around product, pricing, timing, etc
3) Development of new Promotion/Merchandising Alliances
4) Created Channel & Customer tailoring


1) Grew Brand from $100MM to $500+MM
2) Created differentiated events
3) Able to create market harmonization
4) Efficient Trade Spending
5) Created Manufacturing capacity constraints

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