TPG Role: Partner

Bryon is a Partner in the Supply Chain and Customer Business Development Practices at The Partnering Group. Bryon has served in leadership roles with requirements for delivering growth, driving business transformations and realigning strategies to business needs. His results were predicated from working within the guiding Principles of Lean Manufacturing while meeting customer expectations and building supplier relationships.

Partner Capabilities and Expertise:

Bryon brings a wealth of cross-functional executive and operational experience in product supply operations across a broad spectrum of industries [aerospace, medical devices, capital goods, filtration, energy] and with various production output [low and high volume/product mix and continuous production] requirements. Bryon has successfully filled site, division and corporate leadership positions both domestically and internationally with an emphasis on North America, Western Europe and Asian locations and cultures.

Partner Industry Experience:

Prior to joining The Partnering Group, Bryon enjoyed a thirty plus year career with large and mid-sized capital companies such as Johnson Controls, Pall Corporation, Eaton Corporation, First Energy, as well as smaller corporations and independents such as Gelman Sciences and Northstar Aerospace. Bryon gained much experience in manufacturing, supply chain networks, engineering, quality and cross functional team building. Bryon’s success is built on a foundation with a vision on velocity and eliminate non-value, from new product concept to market and how the product or service moves faster through value added steps in a process. Bryon is facilitating the University of Akron achieve the expectations from a $15 million-dollar grant from the U.S. DoD through business development, asset utilization and meeting customer expectations.

Partner Education:

University of Notre Dame – Masters Business Administration
Western Michigan University – Bachelors of Business Administration

Areas of Expertise:

  • Supply Chain Strategy and Design
    • Mitigating risk through velocity
    • Implementation of Lean Principles and continuous improvements
    • Moving quality to the source
    • Identified Value Analysis / Value Engineering activities
    • Reduction of lead times and complexity
  • Manufacturing Operational excellence
    • Asset Utilization “creativity before capital”
    • Continuous Improvement mind-set: -0- Cost, -0- Lead time, -0- Defects
    • Accountability by not accepting the “victim’s” mentality
    • Focus on reducing “non-value” activities
  • Organization Design, Leadership Development and Succession Planning

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