TPG Role: Partner

Bill is a Partner in the Supply Chain Practice at The Partnering Group. Bill consults with importers and exporters looking to reduce costs, minimize risk and accelerate supply chain velocity through implementation of best in class global trade compliance programs. Bill is driven to help companies gain competitive advantage and improved customer satisfaction in their markets.

Partner Capabilities and Expertise:

Bill brings a wealth of cross-functional executive and operational experience in international supply chain operations across a broad spectrum of industries including retail, industrial, healthcare (pharmaceuticals, medical devices and supplies), and high tech.  Bill has successfully filled division and corporate leadership positions both domestically and internationally with an emphasis on North America, Europe and Asian locations and cultures. Implemented multi-country trade management operations centers in Poland, China, and India.  Led 3 successful M&A and due diligence transactions.

Partner Industry Experience:

Prior to joining The Partnering Group, Bryon enjoyed a forty plus year career in the customs brokerage, freight forwarding and logistics industry with large and mid-sized companies such as UPS Supply Chain Solutions, UPS Trade Management Services and McGraw-Hill, as well as smaller and independent corporations such as Shapiro, Logisco, Freightdesk and W.G. Carroll. 

Area(s) of Expertise:

  • Imports/Exports,
    International Trade, and Regulatory Compliance

    • Mitigating
      trade compliance risk
    • Implementation
      of documented global trade compliance programs
    • Reducing
      costs with proper INCOTERMS
    • Improved
      landed cost forecasting
    • Reduction
      of cargo delays and unplanned costs with proper trade documentation
    • Implementation of Audit
      programs to ensure compliance
    • Service Provider
      (Broker/Forwarder) selection and management
  • Organization Design, Leadership
    Development and Succession Planning
  • Trade Automation
    • Using Trade Automation to
      improve documentation and trade compliance
    • Using Trade Automation to
      manage global supply chains

Formal Education Experience:

University of Georgia – Bachelor of Science Education

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