TPG Role:

Brett is a systems engineer, database architect and application program developer for TPG analytics software applications and modeling solutions.

Brett has over 15 years of computing science expertise in building complex on-line real time applications utilizing advanced algorithms for collecting data used for custom consumer research for leading CPG advertisers, pharmaceutical and academic institutions.


Partner Industry Experience:

Developed real-time data collection systems for used TV ad copy testing for leading CPG advertisers including TV ad testing for Pepsi’s Super Bowl ad campaigns. Designed and programmed complex survey questionnaires used for custom consumer research for CPG and Pharmaceutical clients.

Worked with CBS Television’s research team and built a multi-platform integrated TV pilot-testing system used to test new TV pilots and determine which shows will aired on CBS Television including such long running hit shows as “Survivor”, The “CSI” Crime Series, “Without A Trace” plus many more TV hits.

Independently architected and designed data visualization solution utilized by MSNBC to display moment-by-moment ratings collected from over 1000 viewers simultaneously across the United States in real-time during the 2000 Presidential Debates. The Brian Williams News used the system to present the post President Debate results live on-air to the nation immediately following the debates.

Partner Education:

Attended University of Rochester, Computer Science  1994 – 1999

Area(s) of Expertise:

  • VBA & VBScript
  • Microsoft Office automation via exposed COM interfaces (to automate generation of Excel workbooks containing embedded tables, charts, etc.)
  • Microsoft JScript, NET
  • Javascript, HTML, & CSS (developer-focused rather than design related experience)
  • SQL (including a large amount of T-SQL query development for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 through 2012)
  • C# (for WinForms, NET, Silverlight)
  • ActionScript for Adobe Flash
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • C & C++



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