Case Study: Exponential Growth Through Strategic Renovation

Exponential Growth Through Strategic Renovation



A leading multi-national supermarket chain successfully had grown its reach via operating several hundred stores in North America. While significantly dominating in the food and health care arena, the retailer struggled with maximizing full potential of its foodservice capabilities. It became increasingly important to reorganize for the purpose of creating a meal solutions business unit in order to accelerate relevancy and growth. With a laser focus on recapturing sales and profit that had continued to migrate to alternative food service formats, Senior Leadership rallied around the idea of engaging TPG to course-correct and drive sustainable profit. At the onset of this partnership, a vision was set to establish the retailer as the first choice in supermarket meal solutions among its target shoppers. With an opportunity to quickly seize the advantage, providing superior tasting, wholesome, convenient meal solutions that simplify the shoppers lives became the foundational platform.

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We began to excavate the current and competitive landscape in order to strategically develop the retailer’s consumer and shopper segmentation models. The need to reposition the retailer’s food courts to offer a full range of takeaway items became ownable whitespace within the overarching strategy. Through collaboration with a multi-functional team, a superior, premium line of own label ready-to-heat meals were launched. To ensure sustainable success, we orchestrated vertical integration via commissaries between foodservice and deli preparation functions. As a result, a ready-to-prepare meal merchandising center was created to promote healthy and simple meals.


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The outcome exceeded target goals and premium line expectations, in addition to achieving superior shopper rating for the marketplace. Growing profits through reducing costs, shrink and improving quality were a primary result of vertical integration of the foodservice and deli departments. Furthermore, coupling key research findings with new segmentation models strengthened the direction and insight for future meal solution initiatives, thus delivering a robust innovation pipeline for accelerating growth.

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