Posted on July 5th, 2014

by Sandy Harlow


We have created this new TPG Marketing and Innovation blog for two reasons. First, we want to broaden awareness of TPG’s marketing and innovation capabilities, expertise, and success stories. Second, we want to welcome all those who may be interested to contact a member of the practices (see full list below) and begin a conversation about any subject that may be of mutual interest. We expect to publish about one post per month over the coming year, and individual TPG partners will discuss a variety of subjects, including brand equity, marketing data management, communications strategy, innovation, targeting, managing agency relationships, creative briefing, multicultural marketing, advertising development, process assessment and improvement, effective print evaluation, and the analysis of marketing data.


quote-1TPG believes that long term marketing success depends a marketing organization’s ability to build competencies, develop effective and efficient work processes, and create and execute breakthrough marketing strategies and plans. Our specialties include marketing assessment, shopper marketing, digital marketing, ecommerce, brand building, portfolio planning, brand strategy and planning, multicultural marketing, and market research. Bill Pearce is the TPG Managing Director for Marketing, and brings 26 years of industry experience in marketing, sales, innovation, and general management at Del Monte, Campbell Soup, Taco Bell, Miller Brewing, Coca Cola, and Procter & Gamble.


quote-2Innovation (product, marketing and business model innovation) is a core element of successful growth strategies. It is broadly recognized that innovative products deliver substantially greater revenue growth (six-times or more) than product upgrades and line extensions. And yet, the vast majority of new product launches and market aren’t disruptive or innovative. Successful innovation is hard. Consistent, reliable innovation is very hard.

TPG helps clients improve their innovation results by strengthening three operational elements: (1) strategic focus and sufficiency, (2) organizational design and operational systems and (3) executional excellence. We help our clients apply market-tested best practices to increase the “size-of-the-prize” of their innovation pipeline, reduce the time to market, improve retail & marketing execution, and develop more balanced innovation portfolios.

Both our approach and our partners are ‘market-tested.’ TPG partners have developed over 400 new products and launched other innovations that have delivered $5 billion in revenue. Drake Stimson guides our the Innovation Practice, bringing over 24 years of industry experience in innovation, marketing, sales, and general management with Procter & Gamble, TRIA Beauty, Precision Dermatology and MD Professional.



Below is a list of the names of the worldwide TPG partners with backgrounds in marketing and innovation, and links to their biographies and e-mail addresses. If you are dealing with a business issue in marketing or innovation, and would like to learn about how TPG can help, please let us know!

Marketing: Bill Pearce

Innovation: Drake Stimson

Aviva Ajmera Nestor Gonzalez Tammy Montero Eric Strobel
Don Baker Tim Hand Doug Morrison Bob Sukys
Karen Bevan Sandy Harlow Paula Piccirilli Jane Wildman
Todd Bradley Ian Hogg Kathy Sawyer Louise Yerian
Neil Comber Chris Leach Jeff Schroeder
Chris French Peter Leech Kimberly Shleef









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