Omni-channel Insights

Omni-channel has disrupted consumer and shopper behavior forever. Unlike the pre-digital days when the path to loyalty was more sequential, today’s consumer-shopper journey is dynamic and fluid with no clear delineation between consumer and shopper mode.

As consumers shift decision-making and purchasing online, their behavior is re-wired to a new path to loyalty journey map. Companies are moving swiftly to act, as the new consumer online behavior patterns have proven to ‘lock in’ – making it more difficult to influence once their new patterns are established.

  • Omni-channel knowledge assessment & learning plan: TPG works with your team to formulate insight priorities across functional stakeholders and develop an integrated learning plan to maximize ROI for the investment. TPG will guide RFP development, methodology design, and supplier selection.
  • FMCG online category migration modeling: Understand what share of category sales are done online today, and the rate of migration using a predictive model driven by conversion attributing and demonstrated lifestage/occasion factors.
  • Omni-channel path to loyalty blueprint: The hybrid marketplace of online and bricks & mortar creates complexity in understanding the influencers to unlock trial, repeat, and loyalty. The omni-channel P2L blueprint reveals the key touchpoints and ‘must win’ moments as consumers weave between online and physical store environments.
  • Online search (SEO): How do people find your brand and your category? TPG analyzes and diagrams the current landscape and competitive environment, then devises a SEO strategy to drive shoppers to your brand, and where to link to them.
  • Website positioning & content: Pure play and omni-channel retailers are placing your brand on their site. What is the optimal content to answer a shopper’s key questions and decision factors? Leveraging the path to loyalty blueprint and online triggerpoints, TPG will establish a gold standard web positioning playbook for sales teams to execute.
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