Knowledge Management Strategy

Breakthrough insights are at the hub of successful growth strategies. Those who are winning in today’s omni-channel marketplace have dismantled legacy silos where marketing owns the consumer, and sales owns retailers and the shopper. Today’s consumer-shopper journey is dynamic and fluid, causing linear-based path to loyalty and touchpoint blueprints to be outdated, and fragmented activation strategies to be ineffective.

What We Do

TPG helps companies renovate their knowledge management strategy and activation activities to maximize investment ROI:
Insights Domain CS Charts-10

  • evaluate your current approach and establish an OGSMI
  • identify key business questions by function and synthesize prioritized learning objectives
  • scorecard your current knowledge library and establish a rolling learning plan
  • evolve research methodologies to achieve an omni-channel landscape
  • renew organizational insight generation capabilities with new omni-channel techniques
  • update business planning & activation processes to optimize cross-functional collaboration
  • evaluate current org structure and IT platforms for organizational effectiveness
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