Case Study : M & A Synergy Identification

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Client Description

Food Retailer – North America


1) Two significant and independently successful food retailers merge. Combined, they are a market leader with hundreds of product categories offered across multiple formats.
2) They set up a clean room to have TPG identify potential synergies (savings and growth drivers).


Identify and capture the procurement and merchandising synergies from the merger of two leading food retailers

TPG Approach

1) A TPG team evaluated the potential procurement and merchandising synergy that could be achieved as the result of the newly combined companies.
2) Every category, vendor and merchandising event was thoroughly analyzed, evaluated and validated for potential synergies and opportunities for growth.
3) Hundreds of detailed synergy packets were developed for the client along with synergy training .


1) The synergies identified were significant and fueled the early successes of the merger.

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