Case Study : Implemented Joint Business Planning with Top 4 Retailers using new Category Leadership Foundation.

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Client Description

Global/Regional manufacturer of DVD/Blu-Rays. At the time of the project was the #5 player in the Market.


The Home Entertainment/DVD Category was“flat” after years of double digit growth. This represented the largest Category at retailers like Wal-Mart and Target. However, retailers were all commoditizing the Category via deep price cuts. Consumers were also very confused over high-definition/BluRay and overall technology direction (digital download).


To create a new Joint Business Planning process and capability within the total organization that helped drive stronger results versus competition.

TPG Approach

Created Category Leadership Foundation. Developed and Trained Sales Organization on new Customer Joint Business Planning Process. Cascaded Strategy from Corporate to Functional to Team/Customer Plans as part of annual Customer Planning Process. Linked all tactics to specific Strategies, creating synergy and scale.


Successfully completed Joint Business Plans with top 4 Retailers by leveraging the new Category Leadership plans. Grew the business by 10% while the Industry was only growing .03%. Also developed new breakthrough consumer-oriented merchandising schemes at Walmart, Best Buy and Target.

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