Chris Witte
Partner | North Amercia

Chris is a Partner at the Partnering Group (TPG) and advises clients across North America. 

Chris serves our clients in Digital and eCommerce Strategy, Organizational Design and Transformation, Category Leadership, eCommerce Digital Marketing Practices.

Chris is considered a leading retail industry expert in building and developing sales, brand, category media, and commerce capabilities.  He is known for his work in aisle reinvention strategy, department leadership, and evolution of commerce marketing.  He is a two-time Global Effie Award winner and is a 2017 inductee into the Shopper Marketing Hall of Fame. 


  • Insights & Analytics
  • Category Leadership
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Joint Value Creation

Prior Experience:
Prior to joining TPG, Chris was President of IN Connected Marketing and preceding, was in a variety of executive leadership roles in marketing and sales at Tyson, Hillshire Brands, PepsiCo, and the Gillette Company. 




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