Case Study : Step change performance of the Blu-ray/DVD Category through a new shopping experience

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Client Description

International Entertainment Manufacturer – Blu-ray/DVD


1) Category had developed in the Grocery channel but the presentation of the category was very functional and old fashioned with large assortment and merchandising that had very little entertainment value
2) Large volumes were being sold on deal


1) TPG led a shopper centricity project to understand shoppers in the grocery channel and to define the right assortment and layout recommendations, to enhance the value in the category
2) The second objective was to help the client to be seen as category thought leaders by the retailers

TPG Approach

1) Shopper insights enabled the team to develop an industry leading shopping experience for the Category, with new fixtures, shopper communication and category segmentation
2) The assortment was simplified and presented to the shopper to reflect the way that shoppers make their selection and purchase for Blu-ray and DVD


1) 9% category growth after deployment of new fixtures and layout
2) 12% increase in space and sales for the manufacturer

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