Case Study – Joint Business Planning in the Home Entertainment Category

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1) Home Entertainment/DVD Category “flat” after years of double digit growth
2) Largest Category at retailers like Wal-Mart ($5b), Target, etc
3) Retailers Commoditizing the Category – Deep Price asap
4) Consumers confused over high-definition/BluRay and overall technology direction (digital download)
5) Supplier is #5 player with 10% share


1) Created Category Leadership Foundation
2) Developed and Trained Sales Organization on new Customer Business Planning Process
3) Cascaded Strategy from Corporate to Functional to Team/Customer Plans as part of annual Customer Planning Process
4) Reorganized Sales, Category Management and Customer Marketing to enable “Consumer Centricity” Strategy
5) Linked all tactics to specific Strategies, creating synergy and scale


1) Joint Business Planning with top 4 customers
2) Growth of 10% while Industry grew .03%
3) New Breakthrough Consumer-oriented Merchandising scheme at WM, BB and Target


To activate quality assurance and quality control processes and infrastructure from product creation through manufacturing to drive continuous improvement to World Class product quality as a competitive advantage.

TPG Approach

TPG completed 50+ interviews and an opportunity analysis relative to TQM and industry-specific organizational best practices that spanned US, Canada, China, Taiwan, and Thailand vendor locations. From the gathered insights, and an additional competency survey, TPG provided a numerous recommendations designed to bring the the total organization up to best practice levels over a 3 years span.


All project objectives were either met or exceeded. The implementation of ALL recommendations is in progress.

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