Case Study : European Category Vision and Activation Toolkit

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Client Description

Consumer Products Company – Europe (35 Countries)


1) The consumer products company, a market leader, needed to take category-based approach to unlock the massive sales potential across Europe, in markets with varying levels of trade sophistication.
2) Some countries had developed local category drivers on their own but they were were either below best practice or were not aligned to the direction of the category at European level.


1) To develop a pan European category vision and driver menu, along with market activation tools to launch the approach across 30+ countries.
2) To align client Brands with the category vision and drivers, to enable the Brands to drive category growth.
3) To build the skills of category and customer teams in the markets, to deliver this way of working, build category partnerships with customers and drive business performance.

TPG Approach

1) A cross market client team worked with TPG to identify pan-European insights and develop a menu of Category Drivers, tactical initiatives and guidelines that covered all channels and market types.
2) A comprehensive toolkit was developed, including market assessment, Driver selection and customer presentations. This was then deployed across markets through regional workshops to enable local markets to use the toolkit immediately in their business.


1) 9Enabled the clients leadership position across many markets, and a change in behaviour and approach in managing the category with customers, leading to immediate gains for the category and the client Brands.

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