Case Study: Driving Customer Volume


Client Description

National dermatology chain.


The dermatology corporation was increasing the number of practice locations across the country and wanted to drive new patient appointments as well as drive purchase of their branded products from in-practice retail “stores”.


Create awareness and drive engagement through appointments or product purchase.

TPG Approach

  • Customer/patient segmentation analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Social media dermatology category and product usage review


  • The segmentation analysis revealed that while older customers (W/M45+) are more likely to seek more expensive (profitable) dermatology procedures, this audience was also more likely to have and to be more loyal to their current dermatology provider and were less likely to switch.
  • It was also revealed that younger audiences (W25-35) had a high interest in maintaining their skin at an earlier age.
  • A branded social media digital engagement tool (“See The Sun’s Effect On Your Skin” filter for phone cameras) was implemented in key expansion markets during Skin Cancer Awareness Month, driving younger users to the practice website with an offer for a free skin evaluation and coupon for product in the in-practice retail store.
  • Patient volume increased by 50% in key markets within 6 months of opening.
  • In-practice retail sales increase by 100% over 6 months.
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