Case Study : Deli Category Reinvention Drive Shopper Engagement

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Client Description

Deli Meats Manufacturer


1) Category presented to the Shopper in a traditional way, by Brand and product type.
2) The category layout made it difficult to shop, with too much clutter and noise and the category was underperforming versus expectations.


TPG led a shopper-driven research study and re-merchandising project to understand how shoppers shop the Deli Counter.

TPG Approach

1) Research revealed that the shopper shops by meat type and not by brand but that certain brands play an important role in providing a quality assurance.
2) A completely new category segmentation and merchandising layout was developed.
3) The assortment was changed with removal of duplicate tertiary brands, with more presence for the leading Brands.
4) TPG also led interface projects with major retail customers.


7.5% category growth after deployment of layout and assortment recommendations at key retailers.

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