Case Study : Breakthrough Store Experience for Chilled Meats Category

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Client Description

Refrigerated Meats Manufacturer.


1) Stale, dated area of the store.
2) Section organized strictly by product & package type.
3) The category had too much assortment and was being squeezed further as prepared foods were encroaching on the category space.


TPG led a ‘shopping experience excellence’ foundation project with the manufacturer resulting in a completely new execution of the Refrigerated Meats section.

TPG Approach

1) Research revealed that the shopper shops by meal occasion (Ie. breakfast, lunch, dinner) and that fueled the new arrangement.
2) New shopper marketing execution at the point of sale was designed to drive ease of shopping and to reposition the category as a wider solution.
3) A creative “cooler” program was developed to extend new display locations in strategic areas of the store.
4) TPG also led interface projects with major retail customers.


7.5% category growth after deployment of new in-store concept at key retailers.

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