Case Study – Book Publisher Redefines Category for Easier Shopping and Dynamic Growth.

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1) Book Publisher Redefines Category for Easier Shopping and Dynamic Growth

Client Description

1) Global Book Publisher


1) Books have been traditionally categorized by age of reader which was unclear to a parent shopper. Children’s reading skills don’t align to years of age.
2) Poor development of certain product segments. Overall, the retail environment was difficult to shop


1) To conduct thorough Shopper Insights research to uncover and solve for the barriers to purchase.
2) To implement findings via key category strategies and initiatives in the store with partnering retailers.

TPG Approach

1) TPG led work with a major publisher to better understand what the key needs of children are in this important area of their development – and how shoppers (kids & adults) shop the category
2) Redesign from a “Child’s years of age” segmentation to a “reading development” segmentation.


1) New Platform for Business Analysis and Decision Making
2) New Department Layout at leading retailers
3) New Signage Program
4) All New Marketing Programs
5) Significantly Changed the Publisher’s View of How to Manage Their Business
6) 25% Category Growth after in-store executions

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