Brand Positioning For Accelerated Growth

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Brand Positioning For Accelerated Growth

Client Description

1) North American Automotive Company


1) A super-premium niche brand positioning and equity understanding is largely based on intuition
2) Inconsistent visual representation of the brand logo and tagline across the portfolio
3) Unclear how far it can extend it’s name (other product categories and “mainstream” consumers


1) Expand the brand/business beyond “niche status
2) Gain clarity on consumers’ perception of the brand vs competition – key attributes, differentiators etc
3) Identify opportunities to strengthen the brand’s positioning to maximize appeal to potential new consumers without diluting the brand’s value among existing core consumers
4) Determine the optimal brand structure and Portfolio Strategy (e.g. do we need sub-brands in certain categories

TPG Approach

1) Conducted series of internal and external qualitative assessment sessions to determine “current state”
2) Utilized “Illumination Sessions” (unique consumer ideation technique) to uncover potential ownable brand positioning alternatives
3) Leveraged insights to create, test and validate several brand positioning concepts and brand extension possibilities
4) Built the brand portfolio strategy based on new, deeper understanding of consumers and K&N brand
5) Created a detailed tactic and implementation plan for activating/communicating the new positioning


1) Established brand positioning, developed new advertising, adjusted media placement / spending
2) Created greater discipline and consistency in logo treatment – on packaging and marketing materials
3) Better defined the product classes of where to and where not to compete
4) Brand successfully grew its #1 share position in automotive filters while successfully entering 2 new categories

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