The Partnering Group (TPG) is a global strategy and general management consulting firm.
Our mission is to build sustainable incremental value for leading retail and consumer product companies worldwide. For more than two decades, TPG has helped our clients identify and address their greatest challenges and opportunities in order to achieve maximum shareholder value.




  • We anticipate & address their wants & needs
  • We are obsessed with the success of our clients & their communities
  • We create value by listening and being heard
  • We are humble and gracious


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  • We maintain an independent & pragmatic perspective
  • We never compromise ourselves, our clients or the firm
  • We preserve our client’s confidences
  • We do what’s right, always


We’re All In


  • We are committed to each other and the firm’s success
  • We must be relevant practitioners & consultants
  • We cherish intellectual growth & have a sense of urgency
  • We are stewards of our assets


True Partner


  • We create an unrivaled environment for exceptional people
  • We are a fair and caring meritocracy
  • We have an obligation to develop one another
  • We welcome sincere dissension and contrarian views
  • We encourage collective greatness over individual accomplishment


Positive Spirit


  • We are passionate about being trusted advisors
  • We thrive as energetic entrepreneurs
  • We are selective in what we do and with whom we do it
  • Our environment promotes flexibility & happiness


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