Joint Business Planning

Today, the battle for the consumers food away from home dollar has never been more competitive. TPG’s process for Joint Business Planning assures rigor and discipline in the approach while also providing a pragmatic and operationally realistic model that assures the key business benefits are realized. Joint Business Planning has emerged as a prominent business process for leading manufacturers who recognize the need to collaborate more effectively and assure alignment of key business objectives with their most valuable and important distributor and operator partners.

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TPG’s Joint Business Planning process (JBP) provides the manner in which strategic partners can identify mutually advantageous opportunities, define goals and objectives, create a tactical roadmap, design an effective implementation program and establish a mechanism for review and refinement as needed. In 2015, TPG and IFMA authored the Industry Best Practices in Joint Business Planning. TPG uses this Best Practices Approach in helping your organization build and implement capability in this important area.

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