Omni-channel & Ecommerce Channel Strategy

TPG and the manufacturer design team will address and determine, for each manufacturer business, the specific guidelines to win in Omni-channel and ecommerce retailers backed by data-driven rationale and a view to industry best practices.

What We Do

TPG has the experience necessary to create and improve our client’s direct-to-consumer business model, while protecting strategic customer partnerships. This work will help transform not only how a manufacturer’s brand communicates with their consumers, but also how the merchandise gets into their hands. A list of our consulting services include:

  • Omni-Shopper Insights & Path to Loyalty Blueprint: TPG works with your team to formulate insight priorities across functional stakeholders and develop an integrated learning plan to maximize ROI for the investment. The Omni-channel path to loyalty blueprint will reveal the key touchpoints to drive trial, repeat, and loyalty through ‘must win’ moments as consumers weave between online and physical store environments
  • Assortment and Custom Packaging: TPG will determine high level assortment opportunities across the key brands and categories, based on an audit of top sellers on key sites and contributing factors.
  • Supply Chain Capabilities: TPG will evaluate the current value chain, and optimize by creating supply chain flexibility through DC mapping, and optimized cube/weight offerings to reduce cost for clients and their customers. Common solution areas include optimized flow, endless shelf assortment handling, network optimization.
  • Pricing Strategy: Identification of high-level policies designed to protect against channel conflict today and determine changes (if required) to protect in a dynamic pricing marketplace with transparent Ecommerce retail pricing.
  • Trade Funding Approach: TPG will work to identify the specific funding tiers for ecommerce and approaches given the transparency of promotion and pricing online.
  • Omni-Shopper Engagement Strategy: TPG will begin by blueprinting the omni-channel consumer purchase journey, developing an engagement strategy to influence her pre-shop, and provide opportunities for purchase and subscription across all channels.
  • Core Digital Assets Offering: TPG will determine the required level of digital assets required by category and brand, as well as develop a protocol and resource plan to serve the needs of retailers in an efficient manner.


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