Digital Commerce Strategy & Roadmap

TPG is assisting suppliers with the design or refresh of their Digital Commerce strategy to stay ahead of consumer expectations while delivering growth in close collaboration with key retail partners.

What We Do

TPG provides a fresh perspective for “Where to Play” (key retailers and platforms, key categories and brands) and “How to Win” (key initiatives to drive growth). We complete the work by developing new objectives, strategies and initiatives and a 3-year financial plan and organization design and activation. We help suppliers with limited budgets with prioritization and multi-year roadmap with ROI.

  • Financial Modeling: TPG is helping suppliers to analyze and optimize their digital commerce models focusing on P&L performance, pricing strategy, investment and incrementality. We help your teams to unlock your growth by optimizing it on a macro category/region level and/or down to SKU level to address issues with cross channel conflicts, dynamic pricing and SKU delistings.
  • Direct-to-Consumer Strategy and Roadmap: TPG will review your existing execution state with key retailers in key categories focusing on digital shelf, shopper marketing, category management, supply chain, data and overall collaboration. This includes high level assessment of branded owned, earned and paid media and Branded Direct to Consumer (DTC) executions where relevant.
  • Organization Transformation:TPG is helping suppliers’ to take their initial expertise (typically in a Center of Excellence) and extend it throughout the company including sales, category management, shopper marketing, brand marketing, supply chain and IT. TPG provides work process maps that detail Digital Commerce work from “Product Content Management” to “Direct to Consumer Operations” and helps leadership clarify who owns the work and where new roles must be created. TPG also develops an activation plan to bring the new roles/amended roles and structures to life over time.


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