Digital Commerce Capability Benchmarking

TPG provides a detailed assessment of the Manufacturer’s potential opportunity though every Digital Commerce retailing models: Click and Collect, Home Delivery, Direct-to-Consumer, 3rd Party Marketplaces, Business-to-Business. This analysis provides an independent review of the suppliers’ opportunities and gaps in capabilities, clarity of position vs best in class agnostic of any vendors.

What We Do

TPG’s complete approach and assessment uses a combination of forward thinking analytics that provide a clear understanding of a manufacturer’s current state. TPG will conduct and review:

  • Retailer Feedback: TPG will conduct detailed interview calls to retailers to determine critical answers regarding current priorities and challenges, along with new expectations, needs and desired capabilities of a leading supplier partner. These interviews are rich with fresh insights through our proprietary questionnaire.
  • Existing Digital Commerce Execution: TPG will review your existing execution state with key retailers in key categories focusing on digital shelf, shopper marketing, category management, supply chain, data and overall collaboration. This includes high level assessment of branded owned, earned and paid media and Branded Direct to Consumer (DTC) executions where relevant.
  • Capability Assessment and Digital Commerce Benchmarking: Review of current state capabilities across the key functions and retailer requirement areas to win in Digital Commerce. Then, TPG provides a review of what basic, advanced and leadership capabilities look like across key functions and capabilities areas. TPG shares up-to date industry best practices regarding staffing, center of excellence, field customer teams and interaction with digital marketing teams, supply chain, IT and other functions. We then provide a clear and objective scoring of where your company falls on the continuum and ideas for how to close gaps between current and desired scoring.


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