Supply Chain Reliability

A reliable Supply Chain ensures that merchandise flows from suppliers to the shelf in an efficient manner. Improving the flow of goods results in improved service to a Retailer, ensuring their customers have the products they need while shopping.

While the need for Supply Chain reliability has long been understood; leading retailers are implementing Supply Chain Reliability programs that drive performance in key supply chain metrics (fill rate and on-time arrival). Penalties are charged to Suppliers on shipments that don’t achieve certain thresholds (early, late and short).

The consequences of non-compliance reach beyond penalties and the administrative costs, having the potential to impact commercial partnerships with Retailers. At the core of Supply Chain Reliability is the need to drive improved collaboration and alignment with Retailers.

What We Do

TPG understands how to help Suppliers achieve reliability with Retailers. We have significant expertise working with Manufacturers to improve overall reliability of the total Supply Chain.

We focus on Supply Chain Fundamentals, Forecasting & Planning and improving Collaboration and Integration with Retailers to deliver:

  • Improved on-shelf availability
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • More effective use of Trade Funds
  • Improved scorecard measures
  • Improved overall supply chain efficiency
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