Product Availability – The Last 100 Feet

SC Last 100 Feet

The ability to optimize Supply Chain performance depends heavily on the ability to execute in the last 100 feet (backroom to shelf). While improvements have been made in systems and technology, significant issues remain due to delays, inaccuracies and poor in store execution.

Major Factors Include:

  • Inaccurate exchange of data between the Supplier and Retailer (ASN’s)
  • Poor backroom systems (location and replenishment)
  • Poor integration between the back room and the shelf (flow built for planograms) which results in excess inventory and increased labor
  • Inaccurate Perpetual Inventory

These factors lead to poor on shelf availability and a significant increase in cost (inventory and labor) for the retailer. Improved execution in the last 100 feet, provides one of the greatest opportunities for growth.

What We Do

TPG understands how to help Suppliers and Retailers improve performance in the last 100 feet.

  • Integrating shelf planning into a retailer’s supply chain management
  • Better alignment of KPI’s between DC and Store Operations
  • Improving collaboration and integration between Suppliers and Retailers
    • Forecasting & Planning
    • Systems (ASN’s)
  • Processes and systems (sorting, slotting and picking)
  • Case pack optimization
  • Focus on Perpetual Inventory
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