Logistics Network Optimization

Retailers and Manufacturers are increasingly under more pressure to re-engineer their logistics networks to create high performance low, cost networks that truly gives their business a long term competitive advantage. Common Network Optimization Drivers typically require creation of new 5 Year Strategic Logistics Plans that focus on:

  • New business strategies that require higher customer service (more inventory closer to customers) and / or new customer channels such as Ecommerce.
  • M & A’s – requiring integration of networks to achieve projected synergies
  • Focus on cross business unit synergies around service and cost
  • Organic growth or new geographic demands
  • Assortment Growth (breadth & depth)
  • DC or network capacity constraints – storage/through put
  • New value added service requirements – Pick/Pack
  • New global sourcing programs – high private label proliferation

    What We Do

    TPG’s Supply Chain Team assists clients to create transparent “5 Year Strategic Logistics Plans” that are integrated into the overall company business plans. Our services include:

    • Provide Gap Assessment of Current State Capabilities vs. Future State Business Requirements: Logistics (DC & Transportation) strategies, operational expenses, service levels, DC design & capacity (storage medium & through put), systems (WMS & TMS), technologies, MHE, levels of automation & mechanization, product flows & operations performance, organization structure, and team capabilities.
    • RFP Development & Evaluation: Support clients in procurement and implementation for 3Pl DC’s or Transportation Carriers.
    • Utilize Best of Breed Strategic Alliance Service Providers for new DC prototype design, inbound & network modeling tools, and integration of Best Practices that leverage scale and improve service, cost, quality, and speed.
    • Project Milestone Development: A detailed milestone schedule is developed to move to an alternative distribution network whether 3 Pl, self-distribution or combination.
    • Project Kick-off: Roles and responsibilities are clarified to ensure all members perform at maximum productivity.
    • Implementation: TPG either co-delivers project deliverables or leads delivery of these objectives with the client’s team.
    • Update and Final Review: TPG and the client conduct on-going reviews of the project execution and deliver a final review how the actual results match up with the original project objectives.
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