Customization Design & Delivery

Today’s manufacturers are challenged to deliver product differentiation capabilities to meet an ever increasing set of retailer requirements. In many instances this takes the form of unique case packs, special promotional packs, pre-packed displays and now even unique packaging to meet e-commerce logistics requirements. This places significant pressure on total delivered costs given historical making and packing systems have been designed for standardization vs. mass customization. The impact on SKU proliferation, finished goods inventory and operational complexity puts every supply chain professional in a very challenging position to meet cost, cash and service objectives.

What We Do

TPG works with our clients to analyze customer requirements, and assesses your firm’s current customization capabilities vs. a set of proprietary best practice methodologies. We tailor solutions to simplify your supply network design by re-engineering your work processes and compliance systems to deliver best in class performance. Our consulting services include:

  • Customer Requirement & Portfolio Assessment: TPG experts analyze and assess your differentiation capabilities vs. best practice methods to determine where the most significant opportunities are to deliver optimal performance.
  • Supply Network Design: We evaluate your current supply network design from packaging operations to customer point of purchase. An end-to-end loss analysis is performed to identify quick wins and savings opportunities as well as areas where improved supplier performance can deliver a sustainable competitive advantage for your firm.
  • Promotional Menu Delivery: TPG assesses your current portfolio and works with key operations procurement and operations personnel to design, develop and deliver optimal promotion menu’s and corresponding packaging structures to deliver speed, cost reduction and improved service through your enhanced supply network.
  • Artwork Simplification : We engage your design and supply network resources to re-engineer your artwork approval and production processes to eliminate rework and deliver more speed to this design to delivery process.

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