Customer Facing Supply Chain Capability Improvement

Retailers and Manufacturers are increasingly under more pressure to align their logistics networks to create high performance, low cost networks that give their business a competitive advantage.

Business Challenges:

  • New business strategies emerge requiring higher customer service (more inventory closer to customers), or new customer channels such as Ecommerce
  • M & A’s require integration of networks to achieve projected synergies
  • Organic growth or new geographic demand
  • DC or network capacity constraints
  • Value add service requirements
  • Global sourcing requirements

What We Do

TPG’s Supply Chain Team assists clients to create a transparent Strategic Logistics Plan integrated into the overall company business plans. We focus on sharing best practices, new service level capabilities, and re-engineering current state logistics networks into high performance low cost networks. This allows all key cross-functional stakeholders to win. Key areas of focus include:

  • Demand, initiative and event planning
  • Improving the flow of product and information
  • Using data and POS capability to identify opportunities
  • Detailed sharing of data and POS details
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Improved Shelf Availability
  • Speed To Market Initiatives
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