TPG Role:

Alison is TPG’s Client Services and Digital Director and is responsible for both the design aspects of the TPG brand and providing a professional interface with clients, partners and vendors.

Partner Capabilities and Experience:

Alison is involved in the development of content for the TPG website and social media sites, marketing materials, and presentations to support the TPG consulting practices. She is also leading the development of design elements for TPG’s expanding e-learning program, the Category Management Leadership Academy™. Alison lends her graphic and digital design experience to consumer product and retail focused projects.

Partner Industry Experience:

Prior to TPG, Alison had 7 years experience as program manager and graphic designer in the innovation field consulting on a variety of CPG innovation projects.

Partner Education:

Alison holds a BS in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati College of Art, Architecture and Design.

Area(s) of Expertise:

  • Digital and Graphic Design
  • Administration


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